Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Biotique Avocado Body Massage Oil


How are you all doing?

Today I am reviewing Massage oil from Biotique....

I usually don’t like Biotique products...But I was looking for some body massage oil and found this oil so thought of trying it...

Price – Rs 135ml

Net Quantity – 210 ml

About the Product

·      It says unique blend of Ayurvedic oils that relaxes and leaves the skin smooth, soft and supple.
·      Contains natural oils of Avocado, Olive, Sesame, Sun Flower along with Galangal and Dandelion extracts.
·      It relieves body of all tiredness.

My Review

·      It comes in plastic bottle with a cap on it ...It doesn’t have any other cap inside so have to be careful while taking the oil from the bottle.
·      The smell is weird like camphor..
·      It is little yellow in colour
·      The oil is not sticky like other like other oils...
·      It gets absorbed on the body fast without making it oily at all...
·      I massage the oil usually before sleeping ... I usually like applying oil on hair or body before sleeping...
·      Overall the product is fine for normal body massage.

My Ratings


Will I repurchase Again?

May be ...Will look for some other massage oil....

Thanks for reading ...



  1. Thanks for the review! I have been looking for some massage oil. Do you have any other recommendations?


  2. ya its a good oil for massaging the body without making it actually oily? dont know abt other oils to be frank ....

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  5. plzzz tell me which one is the best equipements for Body Massager ..????

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